Posters in Crypteriors

Why do we hang posters on our walls? A poster makes the room cosier and it has also a special message, a special meaning which is important for us.

I spoke to the artist who designed the posters. Here is what he said.

As far as I remember, my dream always was to become a fashion designer. I started out drawing articles and whole collections of clothing. Then I switched to making fashion illustrations, something I enjoyed very much. I like doing that even more than designing. That’s why I applied to study graphic design. However, even at the entrance exam, I did fashion illustrations as well as a logo and a poster design.

Analog vs. digital (Letter B)

I amassed heaps of drawings. I designed a fashion magazine without articles, just to include the drawings. Designing a magazine turned out an obsession. I love working on typography, posters, layout design…

Digital platform

So this is the fruit of many years of work to create my own letters, if not a complete typeface.


I wanted to create an image made up of letters that reflect the character of the meaning conveyed by the words.

Like SPACE was made of letters that look like beams of light.


I play around using words and sentences to tell something about the world in its entirety.

Like ‘No surprise’, which is kind of an oxymoron in the universe of Crypteriors. There must be a connection with the digital universe.

No surprises

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The largest collaborative digital art NFT project from East Europe.